Center for Essential Education at Homestead Heritage

Homesteading Crafts and Skills Workshops

Workshops and seminars are offered throughout the year at our crafts village and at Heritage Farm, our working homestead.

Wood Working Workshop at Homestead Heritage Pottery Workshop at Homestead Heritage

Hundreds come each year to participate in seminars and workshops where they not only learn craft and homesteading skills of the highest quality but also see these skills practiced in the context of a whole life in which the almost lost art of Christian mutual service becomes integral to meeting practical daily needs.

The CFEE is set in a traditional village that includes restored historical buildings. Here, we nurture the best of the American past–not as a history museum but as a living community where contemporary solutions to the problems of social disintegration can be seen in the day-to-day life of a people.


Heritage Farm at Homestead Heritage

We have developed a model homestead and an extensive curriculum for gardening, crafts, homesteading, essential self-sufficiency skills, as well as curriculum on culture, education and worldviews. This facility and curriculum, which are to serve as a model for others who desire to share in any aspect of this way of life, are in various stages of completion.

We now offer more than fifty workshops to the public. Our School of Woodworking teaches a full range of hand-tool woodworking classes year-round from beginning seminars through advanced furniture projects. Our School of Homesteading offers basic instruction in gardening, agricultural skills, kitchen and homemaking skills, as well as traditional workshop crafts. We also offer a variety of beginning craft instruction kits and patterns for children in the crafts of woodworking, pottery, hand sewing, simple weaving and cross-stitch.

Hand Tool Woodworking Symposium – The Art, Craft and Practice of Working Wood
Woodworking with Hand Tools
Furniture Making
Craftsman-style Rocking Chair
Advanced Furniture Making
Furniture Finishing & Restoration
Carpentry and Joinery
Wood Turning
Special Tutorial Projects
Homesteading Course
Raising Chickens
Horse Farming
Homestead Carpentry
Homestead Gardening
Seeds and Seedlings—Starting Plants Indoors
Practical Flower Gardening
Growing Culinary Herbs
Canning and Preserving
Baking Breads
Soft and Hard Cheese Making
Soap Making
Weaving on a Treadle Loom
Stained Glass