Center for Essential Education at Homestead Heritage

Expansion and Plans

Publishing and Multimedia Production

Although the vision of the CFEE calls for strengthening individual families in small, local communities, we recognize the challenge to make this vision available to others in both this country and abroad. To this end we employ printed literature, videos and other photographic presentations, making it possible to share the vision for this alternative culture on a scale large enough to make a difference.

  • Our literature and audiovisuals address critical current issues, support and strengthen the family and teach practical life skills. Our teaching materials and methods motivate students to learn essential concepts in a practical context, from woodworking and homesteading skills to a wide spectrum of scholastic subjects.
  • All this requires the expansion of our printing, distribution and multimedia production facilities; we also need to add additional computers, digital publishing and multimedia equipment.
  • We need to translate our materials into Spanish, Portuguese and other languages and broaden the availability of our literature, courses and curriculum.