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Building Christian Character

Building Christian Character

Godly character is the most prized goal in Christian education. More than merely teaching a child (or anyone else) to do and to know about certain things, God-centered education involves what a person is. It aims to bring forth a life atone with God, consumed by His love, filled with His truth and submitted to His purposes.

Building Christian Character has been written specifically to help you, the parents, lovingly disciple your children (and help churches disciple believers). The character guidelines contained in this book help form a pattern for children’s relationships to one another, to their parents and ultimately to God. These guidelines for proper attitudes, behavior, work habits and so on are not arbitrary but fully based on the Word of God. When ministered consistently in the love of God, these forms and patterns become a means through which your children, through the everyday, normal circumstances, relationships and experience of their lives, are conformed to the image God desires. As you minister the truths contained in this book directly to them, you’ll inevitably see how they apply to your own life, helping you to become a more effective vessel to disciple your children.

The book features twenty-four elements of character, pairing these elements according to contrasting positive and negative character traits (works of the Spirit versus works of the flesh). Each of the elements is broken down into subcategories that more precisely and concretely define how the main elements find expression in your child’s behavior and attitudes. For example, Building Christian Character explains how responsibility and faithfulness come forth in a child’s life when he works unto the Lord, demonstrates diligence, brings a job to quality completion and conforms to the other key characteristics discussed under the heading “Responsibility/Faithfulness.” Similarly, this book shows how victory and joy grow when a child demonstrates eagerness and courage, or encourages others.

Most of the elements of character are discussed in light of their Biblical Greek and Hebrew word derivations. These word studies help draw out the essential meaning of each of the character traits. The book presents over 2900 scriptures organized under each character trait for study, memorization or discussion.

Parents read and study the book before they begin to use it with their children. Once parents become familiar with the format and content of the book, they can begin with the first section, on honor, then the next section, on honesty, systematically working their way through the material, teaching, discussing, instructing, imparting the truths presented under each topic. Since these truths are imparted to children through a living relationship, parents can readily gear the material to each child’s level of understanding and maturity.

At the same time, parents can use these guidelines to minister to the character weaknesses and flaws that normally surface as parents and children face the circumstances, challenges and responsibilities of life together. Building Christian Character gleans from God’s Word the content for bringing forth godly character while the parent-child relationship provides the living context for speaking God’s truth into each child’s life.

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Building Christian Character
Godly character is the most prized goal in Christian education.
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