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Sweet Potato Recipes

Homestead Sweetpotato
Sweet Potato Recipes

Compiled by Janet Borman and Linda Sherman

These recipes are for both the sweet potato lover as well as those who, before trying them, were convinced they did not like sweet potatoes in any form or fashion. We feel there is something here for everyone.

Sweet potatoes are a very nutritious food. A baked sweet potato has no more calories than a cup of milk, but supplies enough beta carotene for one person’s daily requirement of Vitamin A and about one-third of the requirement for Vitamin C as well as many more vitamins and minerals. They’re very good simply baked in their skins, and they’re also delicious made into sweet potato pies, fries or mashed with syrup on top. We think you will find sweet potatoes delicious just about any way you want to cook them.

A sampling of titles from Sweet Potato Recipes:

Sweet Potato and Carrot Hash Browns
Sweet Potato Muffins
Sweet Potato Pancakes With Orange Sauce

Main Dishes
Chicken Pot Pie
Sweet Potato Sausage Crumble

Cheese Sticks
Sweet Potato Chips and Dip

Buttery Sweet Potato Rolls

Soups and Salads
Corn Chowder
Indian Curry Soup
Jalapeño Sweet Potato Soup
Golden Potato Salad
Sunshine Salad

Apple Crumble
Maple Spice Doughnuts
Sweet Potato Cheesecake
Sweet Potato Cinnamon Ice Cream

Vegetable Side Dishes
Baked Winter Vegetables
Buttery Sweet Potato Souffle
Sweet Potato Fries

Canning Sweet Potatoes
Freezing Sweet Potatoes
Sweet Potato Flour
Sweet Potato Starch

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