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Homestead Cooking
Eating What You Grow

Homestead Cookbook
A Sampler of Recipes from Homestead

Compiled by Mary Stein

The purpose of compiling the recipes of Homestead Cooking was to show that with the meats we raise or harvest and the vegetables and grains we grow in the gardens of our homesteads in central Texas, we can eat a varied, healthy and delicious diet. These recipes don’t call for packaged puddings, boxed cake mixes or cans of cream of mushroom soup. Neither do they require a degree in culinary arts, a small fortune or elaborate, expensive equipment found only in gourmet restaurants. A new bride or any other beginner would start off well-equipped with this book alone on the adventure of family cooking.

These recipes use spices appropriately—to enhance and enliven rather than overwhelm the goodness of the foods themselves. And even the spices, with the exception of salt and pepper, are ones grown easily in a Texas kitchen herb garden.

Mary’s menus and contagious enthusiasm for preparing food for her family should help you over the hump of, “What shall I fix for dinner?” even on the roughest day. moreover, she frequently suggests how and where the kids can pitch in and help.

Her desire is that this cookbook might in some small way take us all a step closer to knowing that deep satisfaction of gathering around the table for a meal totally derived from our own efforts. And that satisfaction renews and deepens the meaning at mealtime of giving thanks.

Homestead Cooking includes the following sections:

• Cheese Making
• A Way with Whey
• Breads, Rolls & Quick Breads
• Salads & Relishes
• Salad Dressings

• Soups, Stew & Gumbos
• Pasta
• Beans
• Vegetables
• Eggs

• Meats & Poultry
• Wild Game & Fish
• Pizza
• A Simple Guide to Using Herbs
• Menu Plans

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