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Dessert Recipes

Dessert Cookbook
Homestead Farms

Compiled and edited by Toni Biraghi, Janet Borman and Linda Sherman

This cookbook is for all of those who, like us, tried for years to come up with desserts and snacks that were not only good for you, but that tasted good, too. These delicious recipes call for wholesome ingredients such as whole grain flours, minimally processed sweeteners, honey, fresh dairy products, fruits, carob, kitchen spices and natural baking ingredients that can be found in most local food stores as well as natural food stores.

Over the years we’ve tested and refined these recipes to yield remarkably light textured, flavorful desserts such as Fresh Coconut Cream Pie, Cream Cheese Tassies, Boston Cream Pie, Banana split Pie, Peanut Butter Fudge and Cream Puffs, to name just a few. or try a traditional homestead dessert such as Peach Cobbler, Fresh Apple Pie, Gingerbread, raised Doughnuts, Carrot Cake or a Pumpkin roll.

Easy-to-follow instructions are sprinkled with full color pictures throughout this collection of over 150 recipes. Cookbook sections include:

• Cakes & Brownies
• Candies
• Cookies & Bars
• Ice Creams & Slushes
• Frostings & Sauces
• Pies & Crusts
• Puddings
• Sweet Breads
• Helpful Hints & Nutritional Information

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