Center for Essential Education at Homestead Heritage

Development of Methods and Patterns

To improve the quality of life in other countries as well as our own is one of our major aims.

We have had requests to send instructors from our community to Brazil, Africa, the Philippines, Mexico, Canada, the Mideast, Russia, the Azores, Belgium, Ireland, Northern Ireland and throughout the U.S. We would like to accommodate these requests by first sponsoring qualified people from these countries to come and learn in the context of a functioning community where self-sufficiency skills are interrelated with instruction in family and community relationships, as well as values and character development necessary to a successful community life. Learning in such an environment implants a vision of what is possible that can then be carried back to the apprentice's native land to be adapted to specific needs and settings. We could then send our own community members as needed for implementation, and to help financially as well. We've already begun this in Mexico, but our ability to meet the demand elsewhere has been hindered by our lack of sufficient accommodations for hosting such a project and by our lack of necessary financial resources. We are in need of more land and more finances to build dormitories, dining facilities, to open new teaching facilities in different natural environments, to bring people from overseas, to send out instructors, to help purchase land both here and in these places in order to set up additional sustainable communities. If you feel to donate land or finances, it is one of the only real visions of hope that we know of for a lived alternative to an increasingly atomizing culture that leaves people longing for a whole life, for the good life.