Center for Essential Education at Homestead Heritage

New Horizons

Sharing With Others the Fruits of an Integrated Life

Sharing with Others at Homestead Heritage Teaching in the Philippines Believers in Africa Brothers in the Philippines

The Center for Essential Education at Brazos de Dios is unique in its goal of transmitting to others a vision for a cohesive, integrated way of life that aims toward bringing forth complete individuals and whole families within the context of a supportive and tangible community that respects the natural environment. For over a third of a century, we have experienced and have now begun to share with many others the reality of this way of living, a way of life in which they too can learn and grow together in the skills and knowledge that bring forth not just a sustainable agriculture, but a sustainable culture, a sustainable life.

Reaching across the Country and around the World

We want to make increasingly available in other locations the seminars, workshops, classes and audiovisual presentations we now offer in central Texas. One of our most exciting projects–already begun in Mexico— is to establish communities, as well as regional training retreats, in both the United States and other countries. These will provide educational centers and working models of a way of life that enables families and communities to participate in the essentials of their lives from a renewed and comprehensive vision of a sustainable life.