Center for Essential Education at Homestead Heritage

Expansion and Plans

Completing the Model

A Living Community in which Visitors can Experience an Alternative Culture

We are close to completing the basic facilities, projects and plans for the Brazos de Dios community. This will present to visitors and students the full spectrum of an established, alternative way of living that promotes the highest ideals of values, character and relationships. But we also need land in other locales to open other schools, as well as to teach and live out such a life in a broadening range of environments and agrarian pursuits. To accomplish all this we need to:

  • Expand the traditional crafts village to house other crafts
  • Complete our working farm and model homestead as a teaching and research facility. This includes developing alternative energy and other resources.
  • Purchase additional land to expand our facilities and services for our students and visitors, as well as master such a lifestyle in different natural environments
  • Expand our existing teaching campus to include:
    • A multipurpose gathering and lecture hall
    • Six classrooms, a library resource center and teacher workrooms
  • Continue to expand our facilities so that students and other visitors can experience firsthand a way of life that facilitates relationship and motivates students to learn essential skills and concepts. This means building:
    • A music school building
    • New dining facilities to accommodate growing numbers of students and visitors
    • A new visitors center with a multipurpose auditorium and education center to better serve the over 40,000 people who visit each year
    • Overnight facilities for eighty students and guests and twelve separate cottages or bed-and-breakfast type units to accommodate families, as well as RV and camping sites