Center for Essential Education at Homestead Heritage

An Environment for Experiential Learning

Where the Classroom is a Life

The CFEE seeks to develop solutions to today's cultural and population/habitat crises by providing an environment for people to experientially learn handcraft skills, as well as the character virtues necessary to sustain a traditional, agriculturally based society. We build on the values derived from relationships with creation, with fellow human beings and with God–all within the setting of a nonviolent and noncoercive Christianity strongly rooted in the message of peace and goodwill first proclaimed by Jesus and His disciples but lost to subsequent centuries of Christianity in the post-Constantinian synthesis.

A way of life placed firmly in the context of the natural world produces healthy, nutritious foods and other necessities while preserving and improving the natural environment.

We offer extensive, in-depth studies for the student to choose from. These include studies in culture, in education, in history, in literature and in other related fields. The CFEE is developing a practical, integrated curriculum with proven instructional methods and materials, including books, pamphlets, symposiums, seminars, workshops and audiovisual presentations.

The result is helping others reproduce this way of life by making changes in both their skill levels and their understanding, changes that enhance a sense of personal freedom, initiative, self-support and the sheer joy of providing the essentials for their own individual lives, families and communities.

We are training hundreds of young people in these skills, as well as apprenticing those desiring to become master craftsmen and teachers.