Center for Essential Education at Homestead Heritage

Expansion and Plans

Educational Programs

Teaching Values and Patterns for Restored Family and Community Life

The CFEE places the “living curriculum” resource of our community at the disposal of applicants who want to learn how the art of human relationships and the crafting of character can unfold in a practical context.

To expand the scope of the CFEE we need to:

  • Add other courses to the more than fifty craft and homesteading skills workshops now being offered to the public
  • Broaden the availability of our Heritage School programs and curriculum to individual families and homes
  • Make more seminars and workshops available to those who want to put into practice the enduring knowledge, patterns and values of restored family and community life. These seminars will address family, parenting and education crises and issues, as well as examine the dynamics of contemporary culture, philosophy and religion.
  • Establish scholarship funds for students, apprentices, ministers, educators and others who lack the resources to study at the CFEE