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Hearthstone Crafted Curriculum
  • Character Building
  • Writing
  • Phonics and Spelling
  • Grammar
  • Arithmetic
  • Nature Study

We began developing the Hearthstone Crafted Curriculum™ over a decade ago in response to the needs of homeschooling families in our community. We wanted a Biblically sound curriculum that would strengthen homes and deepen relationships between parents and children. Instead of supplanting the parent as teacher, it would serve as a tool for learning, yet would be simple to use, easy to follow and not too time-consuming to prepare or teach. In an orderly and thorough manner, it would cover the basic knowledge our children needed, yet be flexible enough to meet the diverse needs of each child.

We wanted the children who were taught with this curriculum to become responsible young adults who walk in Christian integrity. We also wanted them to be equipped to discern the critical issues of our times and to enter into effective dialogue both with those who are uninformed and with those who oppose or distort the truth. With these goals before us, we undertook the task of writing and developing the comprehensive curriculum that we now offer to all home schoolers. The task of the craftsman, it has been said, is to “make well what needs making—for the love of God and for the service of our fellow men and women.” We aim in Hearthstone Crafted Curriculum™ to produce the highest possible quality, crafting the curriculum in order to glorify God and serve our fellow men and women.

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