Center for Essential Education at Homestead Heritage

Our Aim

A Common Hope for the Future—Meeting Today’s Crises with the Best Solutions from Both the Present and the Past

The Center for Essential Education (CFEE) recognizes, along with millions of other Americans, that the modern world, despite its material prosperity, faces many new problems and uncertainties. These include not only the disruption of the fragile balance of human life situated in the natural world but also the breakdown of community and family life, as well as the decline of any sense of enduring principles and values for sustaining all three.

The CFEE has, therefore, for over a third of a century dedicated itself to recapturing and nurturing those principles and values and applying them with new understanding to the present and future, to create a viable continuity from one generation to the next.

Long discarded patterns for traditional community life, often seen and understood for the first time in an intentional setting, begin to stimulate sincere care of neighbor for neighbor.

An integral approach offers an environment in which all the elements of life come together in a meaningful and balanced whole.

This uniquely integrated environment is exemplified for the CFEE in the community at Brazos de Dios, established almost twenty years ago in central Texas. The CFEE is not simply, then, a school or an educational institution (though it is both of these) but a direct and natural outgrowth of this unique community. Here, today, hundreds of people are actually living a sustainable life that preserves the best of the past, makes use of what's good from the present and prepares their children and grandchildren with skills and resources for a more meaningful future.

Traditional relationships become brand new and are more easily maintained in the context of a homesteading way of life within which family members don't just visit together after hours but live, work and educate together in a supportive, caring community.